You can now move your WhatsApp chats from Android phone to iPhone

You can now move your WhatsApp chats from Android phone to iPhone


We’ve been talking about something for a while that many have wanted to do when switching phones and couldn’t do it, at least in an easy way. We’ve been talking about moving all of our chats from Whatsapp to a new cell phone, specifically an iPhone. And it is that the function of migrating data from an Android phone to an Apple phone is now easier than ever after the app announced that a new tool is available, this time for everyone, so it is no longer is a beta or trial versions but with a fully functional feature.

It is official

And it was WhatsApp itself that announced the availability of this new feature to everyone on its official Twitter account. Concretely, they tell us that it is already possible Move all our chat history from Android phone to iOS phoneCome on, the iPhones. And of course we can also do it the other way around, from an iPhone to an Android phone. To do this we have the possibility of using the new tool announced by the messaging app, although the process involves the action of third-party apps.

Because in this case the messaging app is not enough, but we must install the “Move to iOS” app developed by Apple itself on the phone from which we want to transfer the chats. Once we run this app we can select WhatsApp as one of the mobile contents that we want to transfer to the new phone. A process that takes place without cables and it works really fast. No matter what the volume of your chats is in relation to their weight, they move relatively quickly.

To perform this operation, the WhatsApp version installed on the target iPhone must be while the source Android phone must have at least the version Version With these requirements, it will be faster and easier than ever to transfer all chats to our new phone and thus miss our old mobile as little as possible. And it has been a problem to make these transfers between one mobile phone and another.

Of course, being able to transfer chats from Android phone to iPhone is a big disadvantage. Because for that The iPhone needs to be factory reset, something that is not necessary when it is new. If not, we will have to delete it completely in order to be able to import all the chats, which strikes us as a serious setback and something that Meta should solve as soon as possible. Currently, there are manufacturers who have simplified this functionality to the maximum, such as Samsung, which has its own Smart Switch app. With it, the data will be sent between the two mobiles at full speed thanks to a private Wi-Fi network created between them. Currently, migrating data seems the best option to us, but yes, it is necessary to have Samsung phones.


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