Why I prefer Xiaomi’s 4K TV Stick to Amazon’s Fire TV 4K Max

Why I prefer Xiaomi's 4K TV Stick to Amazon's Fire TV 4K Max


Both are similar, but the Xiaomi One stands out for me in one fundamental aspect.

Why I prefer Xiaomi's 4K TV Stick to Amazon's Fire TV 4K Max

Xiaomi was one of the first manufacturers to bring us Android TV to our televisions from the hand of the first Mi Box that reaped so many successes. However, others like Google with your Chromecast They suggested something else until Amazon arrived. That Fire TV Stick was revolutionaryit saved us a junk next to the TV like the Xiaomi device and brought us all the power (especially the 4K and Cube models) in a small size.

Nevertheless, all that glitters is not goldbecause the Amazon device and its smaller brethren have a number of limitations (and additions) that hinder the real Android TV experience At home. Android has always been an open source operating system that could be modified, with root privilegesalmost anything you want. I was one of those users who used to play around with their HTC Desire or Xiaomi Mi 5s back then to improve the user experience.

Xiaomi TV Stick 4K

What does the Fire TV Stick have to choose from the Xiaomi Stick

Xiaomi stick tv 4k android tv 11

Xiaomi’s 4K TV Stick beats Amazon’s in terms of cleanliness, capabilities and no limitations

Xiaomi became aware of Amazon’s success with its Fire TV Stick created its own version (Realme has theirs too, they add up to everything). Let’s say it’s a Mi Box S, but in the form of a large USB stick and an HDMI port. This TV stick has Android TV 11 pre-installed currently and represents a very favorable evolution compared to the recently launched Mi Box.

Android TV 11 vs. Fire OS 7 That is the question. Both systems are of course adapted to television. However, the Amazon device has its own customization layer in addition to Android clouds the great work of Google in creating a clean, easy to use and customizable system. Fire OS 7 is a system we’ll have banners from no matter how much of an Amazon Prime user you are Promotion of Prime Video content swarm across the screen.

Fire TV Stick 4K max

On the other hand and something touches the fiber to more than one It’s the Amazon app store. We don’t have the Google Play Store on the Fire TV Stick (on any model), so we’ll have to settle for the apps and games that Amazon was able to support on its “System for TV.” One of the most corrupted apps in this sense that many users miss is HBO Max is not available for Fire TV Stick. We don’t know if it will be available over time, it doesn’t make sense since Netflix and Disney+ are available alongside other content streaming platforms.

But inside are they the same?

Amazon Fire TV 4K max

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the most powerful of its family

Of course, both Stick TV they are almost identical insidewith a similar performance, the same capacity of Storage (8GB) and 2GB RAM who ensure that all content runs smoothly. But these two details discussed above cloud the experience of someone who primarily wants Install any app adapted to TV and on the other hand Avoid promotional content not wanted.

Xiaomi TV Stick 4K

The Amazon App Store has not received very positive reviews since its birth due to the lack of content. Everything was born as a result of the first Fire HD tablets being launched along with their own app store. pretty empty of apps at the time. Secondly, It is possible to install .APK files adopted by some websites to get applications not found in the Amazon store. But hey, Amazon knows this and if you make a mistake in this process You will most likely void your warranty of the Fire TV Stick device.

In my case, I was left with no choice but to be able to have the Fire TV Stick 4K Max (without HBO Max) and another stick covered with Android TV (without Netflix). as much content as possible on my home TV and projector.

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