The new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro would be the first Wear OS watch with a 3-day battery

The new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro would be the first Wear OS watch with a 3-day battery


One of the big issues with Wear OS, and perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to its success, has always been battery life. Despite being one of the most complete watch operating systems on the market, it is no less true that it is one of the worst if we don’t want to constantly charge the watch.

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The situation is so bad that some manufacturers have come up with “tricks” to extend battery life. This is the case of Mobvoi, which has installed a second screen with FSTN technology in watches like the Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra, in addition to the main AMOLED, in order to consume the minimum amount of energy and display basic functions.

However, not all manufacturers can opt for such a complicated and expensive solution. The normal thing for Wear OS watches is that they can’t last two days.

The Wear OS watch with the most battery

This is why the latest Galaxy Watch 5 Pro leak is so interesting as it claims that the new Samsung watch’s battery can last at least 3 days and if confirmed it would be a big change from the ‘status quo’ .

The Galaxy Watch 5’s battery improvements could have several culprits. First of all, the hardware should be more efficient, and in addition to lower consumption, this can result in less physical space occupation that could be reserved for a larger internal battery. It is also conceivable that Samsung worked on optimizations in Wear OS and its own software to achieve such a good number.

The new Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be unveiled at the next Galaxy Unpacked, the August 10 event that will showcase Samsung’s next foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4; However, if history repeats itself, it is very likely that mobile phones will be accompanied by accessories and wearables such as smart watches and new wireless headphones.

Let’s remember that after years of using Tizen with the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung became one of the big supporters of Wear OS; However, it must also be clarified that it is its own version of the operating system, which is actually called “Wear OS by Samsung”, which indicates the large number of changes made.

We’re still waiting for the first non-Samsung Wear OS 4 watches, and it looks like the wearables battlefield will be tougher than ever this fall.

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