The best commands for Alexa if you have a Fire TV player

The best commands for Alexa if you have a Fire TV player


One of the things that the latest versions of Amazon’s Fire TV player offer is the ability to use the voice assistant alexa to make it much easier to use. It is possible that you do not know how to make the most of this opportunity, which we are going to show you. And surely you will find something that suits you perfectly.

To execute the most useful voice commands for Alexa to get the most out of Fire TV (or any TV with Amazon’s operating system, Xiaomi recently launched one in Spain) you just have to have one Echo speaker. Otherwise, and also more advisable, it is to use a remote control for the player that offers this functionality – and does not lack a microphone for it -.

Sync Alexa with media player

This is essential to be able to use the voice assistant from all computers compatible with this Amazon tool. Otherwise nothing will be executed no matter how much you say. You can perform the operation through the browser or the Alexa app, we recommend you to use the latter since everything is quite simple. Do the following:

  • Access the settings and then the TV and video section where you need to follow the steps below to complete the process. Access here.
  • In the list you see on the screen you will see the Alexa skill in the first place, click on it. Then use the blue button called Link my Alexa device. Select the player you want to sync.
Fire TV skill for Alexa

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  • Once that’s done, you’re done and you can repeat it for all the Fire TVs you have in the home.

The best Alexa commands for Fire TVs

Now you can use them Voice to carry out many actions with the player without having to use your hands and therefore also the remote control that this accessory contains. this is that ready with the options we think are the most useful at the moment (new possibilities keep popping up, so keep experimenting):

  • Alexa Watch from the start
  • summarize alexa
  • Alexa turn off
  • Alexa show me -episodes/seasons-
  • Fast forward Alexa -time-
  • Alexa return -period-
  • Alexa skip forward -period-
  • Alexa, pause for
  • Alexa Search -Title-
  • Alexa Search -Title/Genre-
  • Alexa plays this movie
  • Alexa plays the trailer
  • Alexa next episode
  • Alexa, play -movie or series-
  • Alexa, play
  • Alexa, show me -TV shows/movies- with -actors-
Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa


It is important to note that in the case of a smart tv Amazon’s operating system allows you to use additional commands to manage TV usage. Here are some examples for you to discover its power:

  • Alexa, turn Fire TV on/off
  • Alexa, mute Fire TV
  • Alexa, open TV Guide
  • Alexa, switch to Comedy Central -or another channel-
  • Alexa, adjust the volume from 0 to 10 on Fire TV
  • Alexa, volume up/down on Fire TV
  • Alexa, switch to HDMI 2 -or other video input-



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