Stroke, a cerebrovascular problem for which prevention is essential and the consequences of which can be treated

Stroke, a cerebrovascular problem for which prevention is essential and the consequences of which can be treated


A stroke occurs every 6 minutes worldwide, making it the second leading cause of death in Spain and the leading cause of acquired disability in adults. On World Brain Day celebrated today, Grupo 5 CIAN wants to highlight the importance of healthy living to prevent this. “According to various studies, regular daily exercise, practicing professions associated with intellectual activities, maintaining a healthy weight, diet high in consumption of vegetables and fruits, no continuous and intensive use of alcohol, no tobacco or other harmful substances are key elements to to prevent a stroke,” emphasizes Oscar Sancheztechnical coordinator of Grupo 5 CIAN.

That ictus you can be ischemiccalled cerebral infarctions and which are caused by obstruction of blood flow, or hemorrhagicknown as cerebral hemorrhage and in which rupture of a vessel causes blood outflow and compression of central nervous system structures.

Various studies indicate this One in seven people will suffer from such a health problem throughout their life. Although age is a risk factor, anyone can suffer from it, regardless of age.

Against this background, prevention is an important issue 80% of strokes could be avoided if a number of guidelines are followed. “First, there are health-related factors that are critical and must be prevented because their condition implies an increased risk of stroke. The most relevant are arterial hypertension, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, sleep apnea, various cardiovascular factors processes, addictions and smoking. In addition, it is important to have early care systems,” admits Sánchez, given a health problem whose consequences can be dealt with in Group 5 CIAN.

handle the consequences

Inability to speak or understand, facial asymmetry when smiling, loss of the ability to walk, blurred vision, dizziness and headaches, and loss of feeling and strength on one side of the body are symptoms of a stroke. It’s time, say, to call 112 ‘code bar’ and watch the aftermath to get into the hands of Grupo 5 CIAN.

They have services for the care of different levels in areas such as neuropsychology, occupational therapy, nursing, neurology, speech therapy or physiotherapy, etc. on a common denominator: “Our centers guarantee the highest qualification and specialization of professionals and we work in contexts focused on quality care, functional recovery and personal autonomy.”concludes Sanchez.



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