Price wars at petrol stations with discounts of up to 40 cents

Price wars at petrol stations with discounts of up to 40 cents


The big oil companies are escalating the commercial fight for cuts with full escalation in fuel prices. BP is heating up the market, challenging giants Repsol and Cepsa by further extending additional rebates to the statutory 20 cents a liter to mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices on families and professionals.

Following the announcements by Repsol and Cepsa that the discounts will now be extended to 30 cents per liter for the next few months BP goes even further and has just launched a promotion to carry the sales throughout the summer (from this Thursday through September 30th). Up to 40 cents per liter in its network of Spanish petrol stations.

BP Spain The statutory 20 cents for private customers who fill up with the My BP card is given an additional 15 cents discount, and an additional 5 cents if they fill up more than 40 liters specifically from their fuel offer. Ultimate (This last discount only applies to Petrol Stations on the Peninsula, excluding Petrol Stations on the Islands).

Previously, BP rebates consisted of an additional rebate of 5 cents for customers presenting the group’s loyalty card (which will be extended to 15 cents in the summer) and a further five cents more for filling up with more than 40 liters and certain company fuels. The subsidiary of the British group is also giving away a thousand fuel discounts of 40 euros to customers who fill up more than 30 liters at BP stations.

pressure on competitors

With gasoline and diesel prices hitting record highs, oil majors are reluctant to shut down the rebate crossing for their customers at the gates of the first operation coming out this summer The tourism boom expects travel on Spanish roads to skyrocket during the summer months. Earlier this month, Repsol and Cepsa launched to extend their additional reductions, and now BP is putting additional pressure on its rivals amid the business crisis.

Repsol It was once again a trailblazer, being the first to confirm the extension of the discounts it offers its customers at its 3,300 service stations during the summer months. In addition to the reduction of 20 cents per liter of fuel established by the anti-crisis executive decree, the company led by Josu Jon Imaz will add an additional 5 cents to all customers and drivers using the payment system Corporate Waylet, thereby reducing the final rebate is increased to 25 or 30 cents per liter which is added to other rebates available to professional drivers.

cepsa She went even further and decided to extend the additional discounts not only during the summer but until the end of the year. Some rebates the second-largest oil major is adding, at 25 cents for all customers and 30 cents for consumers, are also tied to its loyalty program.



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