Price of electricity in Zaragoza today, July 20: These are the cheapest hours

Precio de la luz en Zaragoza hoy, 20 de julio: estas son las horas más baratas


That electricity will rebound about 7% this Wednesday, up to 228.78 euros per megawatt hour (MWh), according to the results of the auction in Wholesale Market or “Pool” and the adjustment to be paid by gas cap beneficiaries to compensate facilities using that material.

Nevertheless, will remain below the level of the main European economiesas is the case in France, where the 700 euros are exceeded for much of the day, coinciding with the heat wave – and therefore the greater demand for electricity – which a Europe sensitive to the energy crisis is suffering.

If the final price in Spain is taken into account, including adjustment, Electricity will be around 44 euros cheaper than the 272.9 euros/MWh that would be paid if the limit for gas to generate electricity was not reached.

For your part, France will record a record price in Europe of 589.22 euros/MWh for the second day in a row, with peak values ​​of over 800 euros in the morning.

In Italy, the price rises to 540.26 euros/MWh, while in Germany it falls by around 16% to 332.7 euros/MWh.

In Great Britain, where temperatures are reaching record highswill moderate the price slightly, with the MWh coming in at a wholesale price of £237.66 (approx. €279 at current exchange rates).

In Portugal, its consumers too benefit from the gas cap due to the so-called “Iberian exception”, the auction price is the same as in Spain, with which it shares a market.

Auction and Customization

According to the auction results on the wholesale market alone, which determined the price to be paid on the following day until the gas cap came into force, electricity would rise by an average of 3.7% to EUR 147.54/MWh.

According to time windows, the daily maximum is between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and then reaches 154.35 euros/MWh; while the minimum is 137.47 euros/MWh, between 18:00 and 19:00.

To these amounts are added the costs of adapting the gas installations, the amount of which varies according to the quantity and price of this raw material and is passed on to the beneficiary households and businesses.

For tomorrow, the price of this adjustment is 81.24 euros, almost half the price of a week ago.



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