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Luis Paz-Ares.

service oncology medicine fromhe October 12 hospital has significantly expanded its support and research capacities in recent years. As Head of Service he was responsible for all this management Luis Paz-Ares, which has consolidated the Madrid Center as a benchmark in lung cancer research within and beyond our borders.

Just a few months after taking over the management of the service in 2015, the oncologist, the protagonist of this new installment of “Head of the Service”, together with his team, presented a new treatment for pulmonary immunotherapy. Two years later, in 2017, the department continued to work down this line until they arrived at a new high-dose brachiotherapy technique. Milestones followed when the hospital dedicated the first the following year Department of Immuno-Oncology from Spain.

He is currently immersed in prostate cancer research which has expanded and diversified his roadmap. The department’s major research advances have brought it international recognition such as certification Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) of the American Association of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

Paz-Ares’ figure in oncology extends beyond his work as a service leader. He combines other leadership positions as President of the Lung Cancer Clinical Research Unit National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), in which he has made advances in overall survival against lung cancer and is on the front lines Spanish Association for Research on Cancer (ASEICA)which brings together more than a thousand researchers and plays a leading role in oncology studies in our country.

Get rid of cancer at the root

In his opinion, being an oncologist is becoming more and more complicated as the training covers new aspects such as molecular structure the tumors. Consider this part of the specialty as the fundamental basis for correct clinical work. In terms of leadership, he defends that Variety of skills and abilities to encompass as much knowledge as possible and emphasizes the importance of having fully research staff to stay at the scientific forefront.

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