Now you can get an electric car for less than 250 euros a month in the supermarket, but not in Spain

Now you can get an electric car for less than 250 euros a month in the supermarket, but not in Spain


The Lidl supermarket is characterized by many things, but above all by tempting offers for many products. Everything is normal until then, but it comes as a surprise when we learn that the German supermarket chain is offering car deals. Specifically, it is the Elaris Finn, a small electric car from China, which thanks to Lidl can be yours for 222 euros a monthalthough yes, it is only available in Germany.

And this is exactly where the negative point of this alternative to any urban electric car lies, that like many other Lidl car offers, it can only be used in its country of origin. This is made possible in particular by the participation of the distributor like2drive, which together with the Teutonic supermarket allows users of the Lidl Plus app to get the Finn through rent.

However, Lidl does not sell the electric car in Spain

But what exactly do we get for 222 euros a month? What is the Elaris Finn? It is an electric car that is 2.87 meters long, 1.56 wide and 1.57 high and has a 48 CV engine that allows it to reach 115 km/h.. This is responsible for moving a mass of 930 kilos and despite its size and power, a B driving license is required to drive this small but interesting utility vehicle. It also offers a 229-liter trunk.

To all this we must add the presence of a 32 kWh battery, which ensures a range of 265 kilometers in the WLTP approval cycle. It can work with powers of up to 30 kW and thus manages to restore 100% of its capacity in just one hour. However, if you resort to a traditional plug, you will have to invest five hours to enjoy the full autonomy of the Elaris Finn.

Beyond the features and capabilities of an electric car, the Finn offers an interior 12.3-inch touchscreen with connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a fully digital dashboard. In addition, the electric commercial vehicle has LED headlights, air conditioning, front and rear disc brakes, leather seats and a reversing camera, among other things.

But what if we really care about this car? We must know that it is a rental service that comes with a fee of 222 euros for 12 months and a mileage limit of 10,000 kilometers. However, there is also the possibility of purchasing the Elaris Finn for a payment of 20,330 euros, although the price drops to 13,000 euros with the appropriate aid.


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