Moderate alcohol consumption in people over 40 years of age is beneficial to health

Moderate alcohol consumption in people over 40 years of age is beneficial to health


A study conducted by researchers from several countries over 30 years found that moderate alcohol consumption in people over 40 years of age is beneficial to health, but in general emphasizes that despite the discoveries, its consumption is completely discouraged.

According to analysis published by the journal The Lancet, a group of researchers set out to analyze the effects of alcohol in people aged 15 to 95 from the Global Burden of Disease study.

This study of the effects of alcohol was not taken lightly as it collected data from people in 204 countries from 1990 to 2020.

As part of the analyzes carried out, 22 health indicators were collected, ranging from cardiovascular diseases to cancer and traffic accidents.

The results of the study, while not entirely positive, are encouraging in terms of moderate consumption of one to two glasses of wine for some members of the population aged 40 and over, which may have some health benefits.

According to the article, this is due to the fact that ethanol – the main ingredient in alcoholic beverages – increases the production of good cholesterol in the endodelium – tissue that lines the interior of veins and arteries – which could be beneficial in cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.

The groups of people who could benefit from this comprehensive analysis are men aged between 40 and 64, who consume a total of 1.69 glasses of wine, and 1.89 for women.

With increasing age, however, the consumption range for those over 65 increases to a total of 3.19 glasses of wine for men and up to 3.51 for women.

Despite this, the importance of alcohol consumption in relation to adverse health effects from diseases such as liver cirrhosis, breast cancer and tuberculosis is highlighted. Therefore, it is completely discouraged from taking it.

The study also emphasizes that the risks from exposure to alcohol consumption vary by region and age.

It should be noted that although the consumption of alcohol dates back about 10 million years, the misadventures of its consumption also have health consequences, since in 2020 alone the consumption of these drinks was responsible for 78 million deaths worldwide and was the main risk factor for mortality among men aged 15 to 49 years, the study mentions.

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