Menstrual and Covid vaccine: 42% of women had menstrual changes

Menstrual and Covid vaccine: 42% of women had menstrual changes


When the population began to vaccinate against Covid, among other things side effects there was no evidence of changes in menstruation. However, after a few months, women from different countries began to report damage. Since then, various research groups have been looking for a link between possible changes in periods and the Covid vaccine.

In January 2022, Dr. Victoria malea researcher in the Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction at Imperial College, published an editorial in the journal British Medical Journal (BMJ), in which, after reviewing the little scientific evidence that existed until then, he concludes: “There is a relationship, but the recent evidence, although limited, is reassuring,” he stressed.

Male concluded that the two main studies to date “provided clear evidence that there is one menstrual changes‘ after vaccination against Covid. “They’re small and flipped quickly,” he added. But in his view, studies should have proactively looked for these disorders, just like they look for a fever or arm pain.

Period and Covid vaccine: both increased bleeding and bleeding between periods

This is the conclusion reached by researchers in the fields of biology and anthropology associated with the Universities of Tulane and Illinois. They published their results in the journal science directly and in them they find a significant link between rule changes and the Covid vaccine. especially the paper shows “heavy bleeding or breakthrough bleeding”. “They’re not uncommon or dangerous,” they concede, but add, “worth looking out for.” Build trust in medicine“.

this is that largest study to date with almost 40,000 participants. Of the 42% overall of those who had a regular menstrual cycle (both cis women and transgender people) reported an increase in their menstrual periods two weeks after being given the Covid vaccine. 44% experienced no change.

The researchers also found the occurrence of spontaneous menstrual bleeding in those who were not menstruating (because they were menopausal or because they were undergoing some type of hormonal treatment, e.g gender change). For the latter case, like that of trans men or some non-binary people, biologists and anthropologists point out in their article paper that “this unexpected bleeding” can lead to “mental distress in those suffering from gender dysphoria”.

Another study in Spain finds changes in menstruation

In Spain, researchers of the University of Granada also just released women health, your results on the period and the covid vaccine. The study involved 14,153 participants, 78% of whom experienced changes in premenstrual and menstrual symptoms after being given the vaccine.

Most women who have reported changes are over 35 years old. The most common changes in premenstrual symptoms are increased fatigue (43%), bloating (37%), irritability (29%), sadness (28%) and headache (28%). The most common changes in menstrual symptoms are heavier bleeding (43%), pain (41%), delayed menstruation (38%) and fewer bleeding days (34.5%).

In a statement from the University of Granada, Nurse Laura Baena, principal researcher on the project, acknowledges that this link between the period and the Covid vaccine needs to be explored further “to describe the physiological mechanisms that explain these changes.


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