Inter Miami – Barcelona live | International friendly: Blaugrana domain on hold

Inter Miami - Barcelona live |  International friendly: Blaugrana domain on hold


02:55raphinha He had an outstanding debut at Barça. The Brazilian impressed in his first few minutes as a Barça player: as an assist
aubameyangscore the second goal and deliver another goal pass
Ansu Fati.
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Barka He had an impeccable first half against them
Inter Miami and is eliminated at half-time with 0:3 thanks to goals
raphinha Y
Ansu Fati.
raphinha was the best of the first half, with a goal and two assists during
boiler He also had very good minutes.

Four five’That
Barka He presented a great image in this first part and will leave the scoreboard with a more than fair rent.

Barkalooking for a big touch of quality
Ansu Fatibut the subsequent pass for the run of
target not good and
martian catch the ball

43′lack of
Bucket on
Vasilev. The end of
Inter Miami He had left the mark of the young Barça winger well.

02:4441′- Triangulation at first touch between
raphinha Y
ansu and the ’10’ ends with a volley with power
martian. Perfect first part
Barka in Miami.

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40′lack of
mabika on
Ansu Fati on the left.
raphinha will hang the ball in the area in search of a finisher.

Barka He presses well on the exit of the ball
Inter Miamibut
Nico ends up committing a foul

37′away from
Higuain after one pass
dukewhich is one of the most outstanding in the local group.

36′The game continues and the
Inter Miami tried to cut differences in marking.

3. 4′lack of
Eric Garcia on
Pozuelo at the center circle. time for the
hydration break to beat the Miami heat.

32′good minutes too
Nico as a pivot. The midfielder already played in this position in Olot and continues to gain experience.

31′Entered at speed
Yedlin that ends in nothing after a bad pass
duke. Follow the 0-2.

boiler these abbreviations
martian with solvency. That
Barka Keep pushing to increase the space before the pause.

27′Ansu Fati Protest against a possible lack of
Gregory, but the referee lets it go. That
Inter Miami proceed without causing danger
Ter Stegen.

25′good connection between
Ansu Fati Y
Bucket and centered from the side toward the far post
raphinhawho volleys with his left foot and surprises
martian to 0:2. triumphant premiere of
raphinha with the

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24′lack of
Gregory on
boiler at the center circle. The Ivorian is very committed today and is one of the standouts.

22′Watch out for Ansu Fati! Powerful free kick
Ansu Fatibut
martian answer confidently.

Barka I was thinking a lot and
aubameyang scores the second goal of the previous season. The Gabonese is delighted.

twenty’wall in between
raphinha Y
Pedri and the Brazilian participates
aubameyangwhat excels
martian with a subtle touch to 0:1.

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18′good game by
Ansu Fati enable
Pedribut it seems
mabika to cut off the canary’s advance. That
Barka makes merit to advance.

17′new attempt at it
aubameyang this goes wrong. The striker finished very forcefully and couldn’t find a goal.

fifteen’Aubameyang had it! great boarding school
boilerwho participates
aubameyangbut the Gabonese shoots wide at the first touch.

14′great pressure from
boiler before the exit of the ball
Inter Miami. The Ivorian leaves good feelings in Miami.

Barka He’s a lot superior at this start of the game but he’s not ok in the last few yards.

eleven’Attention Gregory! cross shot from
Gregory at the exit of a corner that goes by little from the gate
Ter Stegen.

Christensen cut off a dangerous advance
Higuainwho was looking for the car pass.

Inter Miami try to stop the initial momentum of the
Barka and try longer possession, but
Christensen recovers before

6′Pedro was wrong! Great support from
raphinha to the
Pedriwho prefers to be there
ansu before you seek the thrill and waste the opportunity.

5′Eric Garcia’s header! center
raphinha and heading from
Eric Garcia that makes the stick graze. start strong
Barka in Miami.

4′ Kessie’s new approach! deep pass from
raphinha and shot down
boiler that blocks the defense
Inter Miami.

two’ Kessie had it! Great combination game
Barka that ends
boiler with a left foot, but
martian cut safely.

1′first possession of
Barkawho wants to impose his style of play right from the start.

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01:59Ter Stegen will be the captain today
Higuain will wear the bracelet
Inter Miami.

01:59The players of both teams greet each other in a friendly manner and are photographed before the start of the game.

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01:58The College of
Inter Miami-Barça will be the American
Rubiel Vazquezto whom we wish the best of luck from here and that his performance is not the subject of controversy.

01:57Time for the United States anthem, a tradition they always keep at sporting events.

01:56Players jump off
Inter Miami and the
Barka to the field. The Miami crowd is crazy about the Barça team.

01:52The players from
Inter Miami and the
Barka They retreat to the dressing room tunnel for final instructions from their respective trainers. All ready for the start of the show.

01:4615 minutes to go
Inter Miami-Barça and players from both teams intensify the warm-up.

01:43It is worth remembering that the
Inter Miami Is owned by
David Beckham and, curiously, his son
Romeo he’s on the bench and could play against him
Barka. He’s also a substitute
Harvey NevilleTechnician’s son
Phil Neville. Both are affiliate players.

01:39Robert Lewandowski greeted
Chad ‘Eight Five’ Johnsonlegend of
NFL, before the start of the game. The media power of
Lewandowski is also a great claim for the

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Barka and the
Inter Miami You’re already warming up. The season is approaching and the grandstands are already looking great.

01:24Everything is ready at DRV PNK so that in just over half an hour the friendly match between the
Inter Miami and the

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01:21Inter Miami also reveals its eleven!

The technician
Phil Neville will come out with:
marchman; Yedlin, Lowe, Mabika, Gibbs; Ulloa, Gregore, Pozuelo; Vasilev, Higuain and Herzog.

The following are used as substitutes:
McVey, Mota, Quinteros, Neville, Rodriguez, Dos Santos, Allen, Jones, Beckham, Mendez, Sailor, Borgelin and Diop.

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01:18The presence of
Lewandowski created great expectations among the fans
Barka. Signing the Pole creates a lot of illusion.

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01:10After confirming eleven,
raphinha Y
Christensen debut as a player of
Barka. We’ll see what they can offer in their first few minutes with the Barça shirt.

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01:04We already know the Barça team!

The technical today
Oscar Hernandez will play with:
Ter Stegen; Dest, Christensen, Eric Garcia, Balde; Nico, Pedri, Kessie; Raphinha, Aubameyang and Ansu Fati.

On the bench they wait their turn:
Iñaki Peña, Arnau Tenas, Araujo, Busquets, Dembélé, Memphis, Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto, Frenkie de Jong, Collado, Pablo Torre, Abde, Gavi and Casadó.

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00:57Robert Lewandowski he’s doing a light workout and has greeted the culés fans who are in the stands at DRV PNK Stadium in Miami. The photo is from our special envoy
Pere Punti.

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00:54Who could also have the first minutes in preseason
Ousmane Dembele. The Frenchman extended his contract with the
Barka until 2024 and could also start in a duel against
Inter Miami.

00:48Even though
Lewandowski he will not play today
Barka two of the new faces of the next season can be enjoyed for the first time:
Andrew Christensen Y
raphinha. They could both be starters.

00:45This is what the DRV PNK Stadium looked like a few hours ago. It will be a great atmosphere to see that
Barka live and the 18,000 seats for sale were sold out.

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00:42The players from
Inter Miami and the
Barka they already are
DRV PNK Stadium to play the friendly match which starts at 02:00.

Barcelona FC is set to make his debut on the American countries tour against a competitive rival such as
Inter Miamiwhich will make things more complicated than the preseason debut in Olot.

00:37Who will not be with him today
Barka it is
Xavi Hernandez. Still waiting for a solution to his visa problem to take part in the United States tour, the Barça coach has traveled to Madrid to go to the American embassy and finally get the definitive visa to go there to be able to fly

00:34Despite the announcement of his signing
Lewandowski He will not debut today as a player of the
Barka and its premiere could take place in
Classic against him
real Madridwhich is played from Saturday to Sunday at dawn (05:00 Spanish time).

00:32Lewandowski will be presented to the distributed media with the team for coverage of the tour
United States of America this Wednesday at 12pm (6pm in Spain).

00:31Before the start of the game, the
Barka officially announced the signing
Robert Lewandowski. The Polish striker signs for the next four seasons and his transfer is valued at 45 million plus 5 in variables.
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00:28Good evening and welcome to the Direct
Inter Miami-Barçasecond pre-season friendly for the Barça team!

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