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GTA Online is updated with great news

South San Andreas’ economy is in crisis: fuel prices are at their highest in decades, supply chains are in turmoil, and on top of that, a severe heat wave is affecting the entire state.

All of this chaos proves beneficial to executives, bikers, nightclub owners, and gun dealers. However, the rise in gasoline prices has also caught the attention of the IAA, which suspects the corrupt Duggan family, petrochemical tycoons, are taking advantage of the situation. Therefore, the secret service will need your services to puncture the i.

The criminal corporations is a major update that brings new missions and improvements GTA Onlineincluding notable additions to the crime career business, plus polished new contact missions as a sworn IAA agent and much more, Available from July 26th.

It also includes gameplay improvements requested by players that give them more choice as they climb the criminal hierarchy.

In addition, players earn more money in different game modes, enjoy upgrades and much more: new modes, vehicles, collectibles, dealers where you can browse, test drive or directly buy a fleet of new vehicles, and special events throughout the year.

Expand your business

Regardless of whether you entered GTA Online Via the Career Builder or if you’re a seasoned crime master, The Criminal Enterprises offers a collection of exciting upgrades for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

It doesn’t matter what criminal career you choose: as part of The Criminal Enterprises Now you can play all business activities including sell missions in private sessions (by invitation, band and friends).


Those with an Executive Office will find that their warehouses have a new team leader named Lupe who is willing to help them source special goods to fill their empty shelves.

Executives can also take on a new part-time job, receiving a daily shipment of specialty items from the warehouse, boxed and ready for delivery to the dock. Additionally, two new Special Cargo quests will be added, expanding the variety of quests available to white-collar criminals across the state.


Clubhouses that have a personal workshop will receive a free personal workshop upgrade, where motorcycle club presidents can now modify customers’ bikes to their specs and then turn them in for GTA$ & RP.

Bikers can also increase their reputation and earnings by completing two new HQ contracts that will be posted on the wall in the clubhouse gathering room. You can also see regulars having drinks at the HQ bar – go on a bar replenishment mission to keep the kegs full and the clientele happy while generating additional income for the business.

arms dealer

Ammu-Nation has heard that you offer quality items at a fair price and would like to work with you. Make a daily delivery to the designated Ammu nation for another source of income.

As you fill up your bunker, you’ll find two new resupply missions, so make sure you steal these new objectives to get the most use out of them. You can also launch supply missions from anywhere, or increase the progress of investigations by reviewing data on a well-armed target.

Nightclub owners

Now nightclub owners can contact Yohan to get goods for their nightclub stock or call Tony to start club management missions. Two new missions of this type have been added, giving you new opportunities to further your legitimate operations. Also, you can keep the club in good spirits by kicking out troublemakers and escorting drunk VIPs to safe spots.

Work undercover in Operation Tech Trail

It seems that the benefits of high gas prices all go to one place: the pockets of the richest and most famous oil dynasty in the Los Santos area. The IAA suspects that there is a criminal conspiracy: the ULP agent will come forward with an offer to take part in the new Operation Tech Trace, in which between 1 and 4 players must work as sworn agents and investigate the petrochemical tycoons Industry, the Duggans, to find out if they’re the invisible hand behind skyrocketing gas prices.

Get behind the wheel of new vehicles

There will be many new ways to take shortcuts from point A to point B in The Criminal Enterprises, with new vehicles arriving throughout the summer and beyond. You’ll also have two new vehicles in which to install Imani’s technology to benefit from special upgrades from the experienced hacker at F. Clinton & Partners, including remote controls, a missile lock-on inhibitor, and more.

There will also be new vehicles from Los Santos Tuners, and Benny’s Original Motor Works will expand its capacity to work on four additional vehicles. In addition, Hao wants to get to work improving a classic vehicle as well as an all-new vehicle that will be hitting the streets of gamers on the latest generation of consoles later this summer.

You’ll also find a variety of new and improved customization options for some older vehicles (you might already own some of them), giving them a new look and a second life.

Higher income and other improvements

In addition to all of the above, you’ll be able to check out the full list of gameplay and gameplay improvements coming soon at GTA OnlineThese include reduced effectiveness of the Oppressor Mk II’s homing missiles and countermeasures, an easier way to access snacks and armor to restore health during firefights, and more.

The criminal corporations It will also introduce some changes to finances, including permanent increases in Career and Adversary Mode rewards, increased loot in Original Heists and Doomsday Heist, better salaries for bodyguards, partners and members of a biker club, and much more.

The Criminal Enterprises will be available on July 26th on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.


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