Guide and tips on buying the best accessories compatible with your Amazon Echo

Guide and tips on buying the best accessories compatible with your Amazon Echo


Amazon has released many variants of its smart speakers, as well as multiple generations of each. We can have an Echo Dot, Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, Echo Show 10, Echo Flex and Echo Auto, among others.

All of them were launched to make our life easier thanks to the assistant that Amazon has developed called Alexa. Other brands of the likes of Google or Apple also have a similar help system, but it’s true that most users agree that the brand created by Jeff Bezos works best and offers the most possibilities.

All of them are ready to provide the maximum interaction with the user within the possibilities that each model has. Obviously, those that have a screen offer more information than those that don’t.

There are even some versions that are based directly on our car.

By integrating the accessories that we are going to show you, the functionality and versatility of all these smart speakers is greater, so it can be extremely interesting for us at any time.

What can the echoes do for us?

Amazon smart speakers can perform a whole range of functions that will serve us in our everyday lives.

The main functions that these devices can perform with Alexa are the following:

  • alexa: As we have already told you, the assistant is present in all of them to interact with and help the user. Just by calling it, you can ask it about the weather, a reminder, as well as being able to create a new one, make a list, ask it to tell us a joke, tell us which one Street where we are , music to play and many facets plus.
  • Compatible devices: thanks to these speakers we can also manage devices compatible with the assistant that we have already told you about, such as televisions, stereos and even our own smartphone. We will carry out the tasks we want with these devices only by voice.
  • domotics: In addition to the devices that we told you about in the previous paragraph, we can also interact with the home automation of our home, provided that it is compatible. You can turn the lights on and off, raise and lower the blinds, turn on the oven and even start the fryer, among other things.
  • capabilities: This is one of the great assets that Alexa currently has. These are programs that stick to the wizard. They are developed by third parties to implement new functions and possibilities for the user.

These are some of the main features of Echo’s smart speakers. along with the virtual assistant Alexa.

After reading this you will see why they have been and are so successful.

Echo accessories

Once we understand better what we are talking about and the possibilities they offer us, we will see a series of accessories that will only reach them if these smart speakers are still around more versatile than they are.

When all the features that we have just seen are integrated to improve them for the user’s convenience, we are faced with possibilities that become extremely interesting.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

The fourth generation of the Echo Dot has not only given a facelift to its shape, now that we’re talking about a sphere, but also to its Hearing performance has been greatly improved.

The accessories that we are going to present to you take up less space because we can very well put them on the wall or leave them on the table, giving them a fun touch and they will be impossible to go unnoticed.

The smallest and most importantly the cheapest smart speaker on Amazon. It integrates Alexa with all the features of its older brothers, but in a much more compact and versatile size.

Sportlink wall mount

This is a wall mount that we will use to achieve have the device near the socket we want, which means it doesn’t take up more space at the table without taking away any of its prominence.

The design allows the Echo to become an elegant part of the decoration of the room where we have decided to place it. The price is 9.99 euros.

Otterbox table stand

If you’re a Star Wars lover, you won’t be able to resist this support for your Echo Dot 4 with Baby Yoda figure.

Not only does it serve to hold the device, but it also gives it a fun, distinctive, and original touch, although it might be a bit geek for many. The price is 24.99 euros.

Cozycase support

In this case we are talking about a bracket that attaches to the wall and is made of transparent acrylic valid for the third and fourth generation of the Echo Dot.

It is really very beautiful and can be placed in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even in the living room. Its value on Amazon is 11.99 euros.

Amazon Echo

Another of the most successful devices is the Echo, let’s say “simple”. It is in the fourth generation, in which facets as interesting as that digital home controlcapable of handling home automation alongside a 3-inch buffer, dual tweeters and Dolby processing.

Its accessories also make it more versatile for the user to use. Let’s look at examples.

We review the features of Amazon Echo smart speakers and show which model best suits your needs.

battery holder

This is a support to put the device on the table, but not only that, since the Echo is on this base at the same time Loading.

We can take this speaker anywhere since its battery offers us up to 5 hours of continuous duration. The support estimates its price at 39.99 euros.

Made for Amazon support

Thanks to this support we can put it on any wall that interests us, with the possibility of rotating and tilting it to hear it perfectly.

It offers great flexibility as it is can be rotated 150 degrees and tilted 30 degrees. If we want to take it home we have to pay 24.99 euros.

echo show

The Echo Show is the best alternative if we want a smart speaker with a Touch screen with which we can interact.

There are several models, the difference of which is based on the size of the screen, since it exists 5 inchesanother who has 8 inchesa larger one with 10 inchesuntil the largest of all is reached, whose screen has a diagonal of 15 inches.

An Amazon Echo, but with a 10.1-inch screen. It’s like a tablet but in a fixed position at home. We can look at recipes and make video calls, but also Prime Video series easily.

The two best-selling models are the 5 and 8-inch models, which we’ll take a look at to see some of their accessories.

That echo show 5has a screen that really reaches up to 5.5 inches in its second generation. This is a model that is usually used as an alarm clock on our bedside table, but with many more possibilities.

adjustable base

Thanks to this base we can Tilt the device forward or backward effortlessly to improve the viewing angle.

It has a magnetic fixation that is quick and secure as the device is perfectly integrated. The price is 19.99 euros.

Adjustable YEZRO stand

With this adjustable stand you can 360 degree rotation and adjust up or down to 24 degrees.

It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with an elegant finish and an anti-slip mat on the bottom to protect the table from scratches and prevent it from sliding. The value we have to pay to have it on our table is 18.99 euros.

The version of 8 inch echo show It has very interesting things like a HD screen and a camera with automatic framing, with 13 megapixels to make great video calls.

Some of your accessories will add even more value to you than you already have.

EEEKit support

This smart speaker stand from Amazon comes with a flexible ball for rotate 360 ​​degreesand get a passion from 45º forward, backward, right or leftwhich greatly improves the viewing angle.

To buy it you have to pay 25.99 euros.

ATOPHK ES012-0102

If you don’t want the Echo Show 8 to take up space on your table, you can always use a support like the one we present to you.

It is fixed to the wall with 2 screws, so the device takes up less space. In addition, its chrome favors that Bracket elegance. The price is 35.99 euros.

echo spot

It’s Amazon’s smart speaker with the smaller screenbut it is also the only one that has a spherical shape of those containing a plate.

This small size that we are talking about is one of its great assets, as it allows it to be placed anywhere without disturbing it. In terms of functionalities, it has the same ones that we can find in any other device with Alexa.

It’s an Amazon Echo Dot… but with a screen. It’s a smart speaker with Alexa, but also with a screen to play Amazon content and a camera for video calls.

Oziral magnetic support

This is a stand that still gives you one look more elegant to the echo spot. can be adjusted multiple angles as it moves 360 degrees which greatly favors the viewing angle of the screen.

So that it arrives at home, we only have to pay 13.99 euros on Amazon.

echo car

If you want to take Alexa’s possibilities beyond your home, that means you can reach Own carthen you need to get yourself an Amazon Echo Auto.

It’s a device that allows us to talk to Alexa from our car. contains 7 microphones so that the assistant can hear us even when the music is on.

OLAIKE magnetic holder

If you want to mount your Echo Auto on the car, you can achieve this with these accessories that make it possible connect magnetically. It is simply glued to the dashboard of the car using 3M adhesive.

Its price is currently 12.99 euros.

With all these accessories that you have just seen for Amazon Echo devices, you will surely achieve greater versatility and productivity in the one or ones you have.

You can tell us on our social networks which was better for you as we want to know your decision.


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