Galtier disciplines PSG: These are the new rules

Galtier disciplines PSG: These are the new rules


Nasser al-Chelaifi I made it clear before the arrival of the new coach Christopher Galtier, that some things would change in the team. The challenge in a star-studded club was realizing that the club would name itself above all else Neymar, Messi, Mbapp or Ramos. In the technician’s first press conference, the message was undoubtedly in that direction. Supported by louis fields, the new sporting director, with whom he has had close ties since his time at Lille, The coach made it clear that he would not control his heartbeat when making the decision.

But words had to be followed by deeds. And the truth is that PSG are already in Japan since the tourthe coach applies the new dressing room rules, first agreed with Luis Campos himself and then analyzed by the coach with the players themselves.

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PSG sources confirm to MARCA that these rules are almost all aimed at putting more emphasis on discipline. These are the most important.

If you are late, you come home:

Those who have been able to walk around Camp de Loges, PSG’s training center, in recent seasons have been able to reassure themselves that player arrivals were not overly controlled.Of course, the delay meant a fine, but players were seen reaching the limit weather. At Galtier you need to arrive at the training camp between 8:30am and 8:45am. And those who arrive late and without reason at the access door to the car park will not enter and will have to return home.

No Cell Phones at Meals:

At breakfast and lunch, players cannot use their mobile phones. Galtier and Campos want a more fluid relationship between the squad, although both have confirmed the players form a good group. But they think that in order to foster a good atmosphere, they need to live together a little more, and they find that mealtimes are a good time to joke and share experiences together.

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Breakfast and lunch at Camp des Loges:

It is a measure that will be easier and above all more convenient to install when the new sports city is ready, which includes the residence for the first team and the youth academy in the town of Poissy. But Galtier has already made it clear that you must have breakfast and lunch at Camp des Loges most days. In recent years, the different clans of the group have been very appreciated in the PSG dressing room: South Americans with Messi and Neymar as a reference, the group of Mbapp and Achraf, the group of Ramos and Keylor Navas…

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In these first few weeks of living together, the club has confirmed the squad’s positive response and Neymar’s reaction and engagement has attracted attention. Although the club launched him this summer, Galtier is determined to get the best out of the Brazilian and he seems ready to respond to his manager. The coach confirmed the rule change: “There will be rules of coexistence to be presented to the group. There will be things that are negotiable and things that are non-negotiable. Talk to the players because you have to take into account the players’ extra-sports commitments, but very strict rules have to be followed.” Of course it will happen. We’re not in the army either. I will never make a decision without considering the opinions of others. Sports management supports me. A dressing room needs justice and justice pays. For all. Group discipline is the basis of success.” Clearer, water.



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