Córdoba CF open the preseason with a win at El Arcángel

El Córdoba CF estrena la pretemporada con victoria en El Arcángel


Football at 40 degrees should be banned. And even more so if the game is a rehearsal, but that’s exactly what happened in El Arcángel when Córdoba CF premiered this 2022/23 pre-season, a temperature that clearly affected the pace of the game. We must continue to wait for the brave who dares to host the Summer Friendlies first thing in the morning, with coffee and churros in the Ambigú and with the bathing suit under your clothes to go to the public or private pool after the meeting.

This is how we told you live about Córdoba CF’s first preparatory game against Granada

Perhaps because of what Valdano said in a recent interview with a newspaper from his country – “Teams grow with the difficulties they encounter along the way,” he said – the Blanquiverde team faced a whole Granada that recently has fallen on football silver and with a project directed by Aitor Karanka in which ex-Blanquiverde Yann Bodiger will be the protagonist. But the truth is, the Nasrid team started the game at the Riverside Coliseum with five players from their subsidiary, which plays in the Second RFEF. For their part, Córdoba CF had three new faces compared to last season’s team, Youssouf Diarra, Cristian Carracedo and Kike Marquezin addition to Carlos Daniel from the Cordovan daughter who had to jump onto the field because of the losses of Ekaitz Jiménez and José Manuel Calderón.

few conclusions

Exaggerated conclusions from the process cannot be drawn due to all the influencing factors, although the intention must be emphasized: Córdoba CF is trying to continue playing like last season. Indeed, Germán Crespo formed a double hub of Javi Flores and Youssouf Diarra, with Kike Márquez in his natural position at left flank and Gudelj wanting to play as a defensive hub rather than a centre-back. Among the positive the good moment that Willy Ledesma shows, although it was the first friendly of the preseason, the details left by Diarra and the fight with Carracedo, without forgetting the chances that De las Cuevas had and that, surprisingly, he was not able to make at least one hole. In the first half hour, Córdoba CF conveyed better sensations than their rivals with several finishes (mainly De las Cuevas) close to Adrián López, although Granada also had a clear goal from Jorge Molina at that point. The final quarter of an hour was Nasrid color and Felipe Ramos appeared with up to three merit interventions. Even the Grenadiers claimed a couple of maximum penalties, one of which appeared despite the referee being precise about the friendly.

after the break, German Crespo and Aitor Karanka They changed their teams almost entirely. And the tone of the sample remained low, flattened by the heat. Antonio Casas tried a quality detail that made it easier for Sergio Benito to get to the ground and crossed a defender to stop Simo’s shot at will (58′).

Adrián Fuentes also confirmed that he has arrived almost as well this pre-season as in the previous league, leaving some evidence of this, such as a gallop per minute. 65, which unfortunately ended without a shot.

There was a time when the game looked like one in the league. When El Arcángel faced a penalty – it seemed so – from Pepe to Antonio Casas, got up with the “Memory» from the stands to the referee, who once again failed to appreciate the maximum penalty. But the match had already turned into a too-friendly duel. Individual details, few, and tactical, even fewer. Among the first he had another one Adrian Fuentes, who received a great ball from Simo and headed for goal, but a Nasrid defender crossed in time to prevent the Cordovan player from being alone against Raúl.

Last minute penalty

The good happened in the end. Simo connected diagonally to Sergio Benedict, to whom the ball went a little long. Despite everything, Eu agreed a clear penalty for the Blanquiverde striker, which was converted by Anthony houses. In the same game, Antonio Puertas received a yellow card for hitting Simo in the action of the pass that ended in a penalty.

Definitely, the marker did justicesince Córdoba CF generally broadcast more, especially in attack, than Granada, who were barely present in attack, in the second half, always marked by the large number of elements from his subsidiary in the eleven set up by Aitor Karanka.

Data sheet:

1-Cordoba CF: Felipe Ramos, José Ruiz, José Cruz, Gudelj, Carlos Daniel, Diarra, Javi Flores, Carracedo, De las Cuevas, Kike Marquez and Willy Ledesma.

Also playing: Jaylan Hankins, Carlos Puga, Jorge Moreno, Ramón Bueno, Ale Bernal, Adrián Fuentes, Sergio Benito, Simo, Antonio Casas, Manolillo.

0-Granada CF: Adrian L, Ricard, Pepe, Miki Bosch, Adrian Marin, Bodiger, Martin S, Da Costa, Soro, Bryan, Molina.

They also played: Raúl, Raúl Castro, Eu, Petrovic, Isma Ruiz, Antonio Puertas, Butzke, Antoñín, Antonio Cortés.

Goal: 1-0 (90′) Antonio Casas, from a penalty.

Referee: Abraham Dominguez Fernandez. He yellowed Carlos Daniel (37′), Ramón Bueno (80′) and Antonio Puertas (90′).

Incidents: The Archangel Stadium. Córdoba CF’s first pre-season friendly. About 4,000 participants.



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