Champions of Chaos are coming to Total War™: WARHAMMER® III | on August 23 #games

Champions of Chaos are coming to Total War™: WARHAMMER® III | on August 23  #games


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On this occasion we are making a statement warhammer III.

Four servants of the Chaos Gods fight to break the balance of power and gain supremacy forever. Which of these knights is worthy of the gifts of the gods and sets out to the ancient sand city of Zanbaijin to claim their arcane power?

Champions of Chaos is the latest DLC for Total War™: WARHAMMER III®. This champion-worthy bundle includes four new Legendary Chaos Warriors instead of the usual two. Each of them is associated with one of the four corrupting gods of chaos. Embark on campaigns of destruction with new gameplay mechanics, wreak havoc on the battlefield with over fifty new units, and enjoy free content like the Immortal Empires campaign mode around the world.

Four New Legendary Lords of Chaos:
The Champions of Chaos have risen through their notorious deeds aiming to be the favorites of the four Dark Gods. The first is Azazel, Prince of Damnation. With the continued acts of devotion and debauchery of this scourge of humanity from time immemorial, he has established his great standing in the eyes of Slaanesh, the Chaos God of excess and hedonism.

A new campaign experience:
In the ancient sand city of Zanbaijin, the servants of the Chaos Gods have been fighting for thousands of years. The Altar of Battle is where the souls of those who die in battle are sealed. As the Paladin of Chaos, you must capture the attention of your legendary Lord of Chaos by shedding blood and performing rituals to harness arcane power.

More than fifty new units:
A multitude of very different units storm onto the bloody battlefield alongside their paladins. Among other things, there is the Temple of Chaos, which grants terrible blessings to those who make worthy sacrifices, or the Knights of Chaos, which form a wall of swords and armor that tear through the enemy ranks by tearing their flesh, whole to say nothing of the elect. a group of elite armored butchers who form the inner circle of their legendary Lord of Chaos’ warband.

Free content:
Immortal Empires is a free-to-play, large-scale campaign mode for owners of all three Total War™: WARHAMMER® titles. Released alongside Champions of Chaos in beta, it will combine the lands, legendary lords, war units and more from the trilogy in one colossal mode set throughout the Warhammer world.

Blood for the Blood God III:
This Gore Effects Pack brings back several R-Rated animations for Total War: WARHAMMER III, including blood spatter, dismembered heads and limbs, UI blood spatter, global campaign events with even greater battlefield carnage, and much more. It’s free for those who have Blood for the Blood God I or II.

For more information on Champions of Chaos, Immortal Empires or Blood for the Blood God III, visit the Total War Blog.

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