19 years after Barca signed Ronaldinho

19 years after Barca signed Ronaldinho


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The Brazilian with the permanent smile got engaged for five years on July 19, 2003

His signing marked the start of the virtuous cycle in Laporta’s first period and return to the titles, and with Lewandowski they are looking to repeat history

This Tuesday marks the 19th anniversary of Ronaldinho’s signing by FC Barcelona. The Brazilian with the ever-smiling smile has committed himself to the Barça club, after long and tough negotiations with PSG, with the aim of leading the new project of the board of directors of Joan Laporta, who recently won the presidential elections. With his arrival, he replaced the great Brazilians who had gone through Barça, such as Romario, Ronaldo and Rivaldo.

Ronnie joined the club on July 19, 2003, the team having not won a title in four seasons. With his commitment, FC Barcelona was able to change the cycle and win titles again. Laporta had promised that great players would come with him as president, the famous T, and despite the fact that during the campaign it was Beckham who ended up signing, fortunately it was Ronaldinho. Barça paid PSG €25m plus another five in variables and the player signed for five seasons and a €100m termination clause.

Ronaldinho, like Lewandowski, made a bet at Barça. The azulgrana team did not live their best sporting moment. He was vacant for four years and that first year he didn’t play in the Champions League. But the Brazilian had the guts to take on the challenge of rebuilding the team around him and he trusted Laporta and his sporting vice-president Sandro Rosell, who were key figures in the negotiations and whom he already knew.

After a first year without a title, they already began to fall in the following two. He was twice league champions, twice in the Spanish Super Cup and in the Champions League (2005-06), the second in club history to be won against Arsenal in the final in Paris. He became a real idol for the fans, not only because of his football but also because of his joy and his smile, totally contagious.

He played a total of 207 official games as a Barça player. Marco has scored 94 goals and provided 56 assists between the 2003/04 and 2007/08 seasons. His final years weren’t too good and with the arrival of Pep Guardiola he had to go to Milan. He is currently an ambassador for the Barça club.

On July 19, 2022, FC Barcelona made Lewandowski’s signing official. The Barça club hope that with the Polish striker history can be repeated and the titles return to the showcases. His signing was also a soap opera. Its price, 45 million euros plus another 5 in variables.



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